Magazine & Newspaper


Access Newspaper Archive

Keyword searchable archive of newspapers from around the country. Includes Daily Herald.


Chicago Land News

Newspaper articles, current and historical, from Chicago area papers. Does not include the Chicago Tribune.


Chicago Tribune Historical

Chicago Tribune archives from 1849 until 1984.


MasterFile Complete

Magazine and journal articles from 2,000 publications dating back to 1922. Plus full text from more than 1,000 reference books.


Newspaper Source Plus

Full text articles from more than 860 newspapers, plus television and radio transcripts.


Continually updated Associated Press news.

Proquest Newsstand (US Major Dailies)

Search for articles from many different newspapers. Includes the Chicago Tribune (1985 to current), Los Angeles Times, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.


RBdigital Magazines

A digital collection of 100+ magazine titles and journals, accessible from your computer or mobile device.